SQLPro for MySQL v1.0.11 | 专业数据库管理工具

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SQLPro v1.0.11是MySQL数据库客户端是一个轻量级但功能强大的MySQL数据库客户端,允许快速和简单的访问MySQL服务器,包括那些托管在Amazon RDS。这个SQL客户端只是MySQL并不会与其他数据库服务器如MSSQL或PostgreSQL的工作。软件在APPStore上要128元人民币!

SQLPro for MySQL v1.0.11 | 专业数据库管理工具
所属分类:开发工具 适用平台:OS X 10.8 或更高版 软件版本:v1.0.11 最后更新:2016年04月20日


SQLPro v1.0.11是MySQL数据库客户端是一个轻量级但功能强大的MySQL数据库客户端,允许快速和简单的访问MySQL服务器,包括那些托管在Amazon RDS。这个SQL客户端只是MySQL并不会与其他数据库服务器如MSSQL或PostgreSQL的工作。软件在APPStore上要128元人民币!


SQLPro for MySQL v1.0.11 | 专业数据库管理工具


  1. 语法高亮。
  2. 智能/自动完成。
  3. 标签式界面。
  4. 支持在一次执行多个查询。
  5. 快速访问表、列和更多。
  6. 使用我们预先建立的主题,或自定义您自己的。
  7. 存储过程执行。


1.0.11 中的新功能展开

+ New app icon.
+ You can now inline sort query results.
+ Fixed an issue where closing an unsaved tab (and choosing save) may sometimes cause
the tab to stay open.
+ Added keyboard shortcuts for switching tabs. (Cmd+Shift+[ for previous tab, Cmd+Shift+] for next tab).
+ Fixed an issue where closing many tabs quickly (cmd+w repeatedly) could cause crashes.
+ Improved multiple result-set auto resizing.
+ Added support for 'Execute current query' mode (rather than executing all queries
only the current query as split by delimiters will be executed).
+ Return key now works as a shortcut for the connection screen.
+ Improvements to syntax highlighting performance.
+ Fixed an issue which could sometimes cause crashes during syntax highlight.
+ Added a pully on the results view for easier resizing.
+ Added a query history dropdown, plus keyboard shortcut (Cmd-Shift-H).
+ Added a toolbar with hide/show sidebar and results options.
+ Line breaks in table results now get replaced with a ¶ character to make the details
easier to see.
+ Query execution now stops on the first error.
+ Warning/Error icon on tab when a query fails.
+ Double clicking text in a quote (such as "helloworld" no longer selects the quotes by
default. You now need to be holding the alt key for the quotes to be selected.
+ Improved column display in the tree-view.
+ Copying text from the query view now includes a rich copy (specifically rtf and html
both get includeded).
+ Hitting space with autocomplete is visible now inserts a space rather than adds the
completed word. This is to match default mac (and ssms) behaviour. Rather the enter key
or tab must be used to trigger completion.
+ Window size/position should now be saved through connections.
+ Mouse drag to select multiple rows in the results view.
+ Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when users filter, then modify a function.
+ Fixed an issue where cmd + right could go to the next line rather than the current line.
+ Added tab context menus 'New query tab', 'Close tab' and 'Close other tabs'.


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